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Some things should not be forgotten

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Words of wisdom

"If the whole world don't hate just ain't trying hard enough."

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When you are left wondering...

Don't you just hate it when you cannot tell if you have really been to sleep ...but now it is time to get up...Don't you just hate that?

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creating economic niches for our community...

Diallo Sekou  July 3, 2016
If every black person in the Us were an active member of the NRA -- regularly using its firearms training benefits ...more and more black people regularly becoming certified NRA firearms trainers...becoming serious shooters who regularly visit the range and learning to load and reload their own shells as serious shooters do --a cost effective process btw...I think it would go a long way towards police departments developing a grudging respect and changing how they police in the black community...
It might even advance the option of black communities taking a more active role in the policing of our own communities as well as encouraging the development of black community owned professional policing corporations that would hire properly vetted and properly qualified black professionals to do the job of policing our communities and running out the drug boys and "investigating" these crooked, unfit ,brutal, unprofessional cops...just a thought to... marinate on people. and of course such a black community owned, professional policing industry would also generate opportunities for black legal industry professionals as well as generate opportunities for black people with psychological expertise as folks in industries working around firearms require regular psychological evaluations in order to maintain NECESSARY mental health standards...

we as a people really need to START TO ...look at the needs of our communities and look at industries supposedly in existence to service those needs and then FIGURE OUT FROM THE GROUND UP ...WHAT IT WILL REQUIRE TO REPLACE OR GO INTO AND TAKE THESE INDUSTRIES OVER... at least as we and our communities are concerned AND THEN take the steps necessary to AIM AND PROPEL OUR YOUNG PEOPLE IN THIS DIRECTION ...TO SERVE THE NEEDS OF OUR COMMUNITIES as well as promote business and employment of our own people in our communities.

we should of course ALSO be looking at our involvement in the music industry and athletics with the same evaluative do we take control of these industries and employ our own people and receive the benefits of our own talents and DIRECT THOSE BENEFITS BACK INTO OUR OWN COMMUNITIES...

the relationship between the black world and white world is one of "plunder"...I said this back in 2007 well before popular writer , Ta-Nahesi Coates did in his most recent book BTW

I said in a novel I was working on at the time and published portions of that novel in one of my on-line blogs, that this "plunder" had begun in 1200 Bc with the Trojan war and continued right up to this present moment...I even described in my novel how white gangsters calling themselves "knights" and godfathers calling themselves "oligarchs" in a 'crime family' called "The Order" ... short for the official name "The Order of the Nobel Scion of Gleaming Neoptolemus " were competing among themselves over "RIGHTS OF PLUNDER" when it came to looting black people of wealth AND WERE TEACHING AND INSTRUCTING THOSE SELECTED FROM AMONG THEIR YOUNG PEOPLE TO CONTINUE THE 3200 YEAR OLD TRADITION...

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june 25, 1876 custer's big screw up--aka "battle of little big horn"

                                                             victory over Yellow Hair proclaimed

A professor in college who was also a Jesuit priest told us that gold had been discovered on Black Hills land the Us government had promised the Indians would be theirs forever. Custer himself had explored and marked a way into the Black Hills region, a road that the Indians nicknamed "The Thieves Trail." he then reported that there were gold nuggets on that Indian land the size of a baby's skull...The number of illegal white prospectors  pouring into the Black Hills region became a flood. They demanded , as treaty violators characteristically did , protection from "hostile" Indians by the Us government.

The government called up the army and cavalry , demanded Indians "renegotiate" treaties and sell --basically at threat of gunpoint-- the Indians' sacred Paha Sapa /Black Hills region to the Us government . of course because the region was viewed as sacred to Indian nations , the Indians did not wish to sell it. the Us government , intimidated and forced selected 'leaders' to sign away the multi-billion dollar Black Hills for a steal at only $7 million.

the government quickly issued a demand that all Indians in the region report to the local Indian agencies within a specified time period --by January 31,1876-- or be declared "hostiles" and subject to attack by the Us military.

of course the Indian agencies were usually conveniently based at the nearest US army fortress--where the Indian males  would be required to surrender their arms and their horses --their means to resist and their means of mobility--become "tame" Indians and draw often rotted government welfare "rations" for their families to eat instead of continuing to be free to roam the plains to feed their families by hunting buffalo, wild game and harvesting wild plants.

Interesting that the Us government and Americans WHO NEVER TIRE OF PROCLAIMING THEIR GOD GIVEN FREEDOMS, once again were telling another people of color at gunpoint "Give up your freedom or die."


and as one british observer commented "These Americans who never cease proclaiming their own "freedoms" DRIVE NEGROES IN THE FIELDS LIKE BEASTS."

the Lakota/Sioux , the northern Cheyenne and some northern Arapaho refused to surrender to the new Us government demands of January 31,1876 and under the leadership of Sitting Bull /Tatonka Yotanka a highly spiritual political leader and Crazy Horse /Tashunka Witko a highly spiritual military leader, these "hostiles" went to what was still left of their lands and called on other Indians to join them for what many felt would be their last days of freedom--their last chance to practice their ways of life. "One does not sell the land on which the people walk"--Tashunka Witko

 now with "war" imminent ---the Us government determined to take the last of the plains Indian lands and Indians determined to hold on to their land and their way of life , Custer saw his best opportunity since the Civil war to advance his own prospects. Custer, ever ambitious, was looking for a "great victory" on the plains that would eventually propel him into the white house. conscious of image and media attention well before the success of his book "My Life on the Plains" ,  he carefully plotted his appearance for this "last great Indian war". he cut his long blonde hair and instead of his blue military uniform wore Indian-like, frontier buckskins--which had to be horribly hot in the late June summer weather where the battle took place...

when the "hostiles" camp was located Custer, oddly divided his command in hostile territory against a still unknown enemy---something not taught to young officers in military training academies and something in fact, they are strongly warned against.

 as this attack commenced,  Custer had completely failed to reconnoiter , completely failed to realize the actual size of the Indian village he was attacking that day. also it was afternoon and he failed to attack at dawn as had been his previous practice in the plains wars--a tactic which forced the Indian men to stand and fight and take casualties they could not replace in order to buy time for their women children and old people to escape the ensuing slaughter of noncombatants THAT THE US ARMED FORCES ALWAYS REPRESENTED IN THE INDIAN WARS.

 in fair cavalry contests on the plains, the Indians would be too quick and too mobile for Custer and attack and then  scatter in every direction before they could be surrounded by the Americans. this tactic left the "bluecoats" frustrated, confused with their primary advantage -- their always superior fire power and ammunition supplies--- effectively neutralized BY THE INDIANS GREATER MOBILITY on the battlefield of the open plains.

this is why the American forces historically devoted themselves to sneak attacks on plains Indian villages at dawn and especially in winter as Custer had done against the southern Cheyenne because snow made quick escape almost impossible. Surrounding an Indian village for a sneak attack at dawn ,made escape impossible and slaughter of warriors and noncombatants inevitable...and what better way to clear Indian lands for white settlement?

But in the "Big Horn" fight in 1876, Custer followed up his failure to reconnoiter with a failure at surrounding the village to cut off potential escape when his subordinate, major Reno and his soldiers not only, could not carry out his commander's orders to attack the village from the south while Custer expected to attack from the north-- pinning the unfortunates "hostiles" between two forces.

That particular group of "hostile" Indians under a commander known as "Gall", rallied the Indians in that area to counter attack. Reno standing next to his personal Crow Indian scout Bloody Knife, got his face splattered with blood and brains when a bullet from a hostile suddenly ended the battle for Reno's Indian scout. Reno reportedly then lost his nerve, panicked and his forces were beaten back... routed and driven back across the river and up a hill where they were easily pinned down by a force made up largely of a few old men and boys. This freed up many of the warriors for the fight with Custer that was beginning...

"Yellow hair" Custer quickly realized after his attack against the "village" had begun that he was hopelessly out numbered. rather than just run for his life--which perhaps he should have done --he chose the much slower option of "a fighting retreat."

 He was likely still mistakenly expecting help from a now pinned-down major Reno and help from his other subordinate, captain Benteen whom "Yellow Hair" had recently sent orders to--orders to advance with his soldiers , his supply packs and extra ammunition he, his soldiers and his mules were carrying, and join the battle.

Custer and his men began a "fighting retreat" against the now fully alerted "village" ...a fully alerted and outraged village which contained at least a thousand warriors and perhaps as many as two to three thousand warriors.

This huge village and its possibly thousands of warriors,  were not only ENRAGED  over being 'sneak attacked' while in their own country and bothering no one , they were also enraged over being sneak attacked WITH THEIR WOMEN AND CHILDREN AND OLD PEOPLE present....This huge village was also well armed --in some ways better armed than Custer --with many new repeating rifles the Indian men had traded for before leaving their local agencies...Custer had single shot army carbines and inferior ammunition that when heated from firing the weapon,  the empty cartridge casings tended to melt, expand and get stuck in the rifle chamber...USUALLY INDIANS WERE ONLY SOLD OBSOLETE FIREARMS REFERRED TO AS "TRADE GUNS" but this time they had the advantage in modern weaponry over the 7th cavalry.

Yet of course though, ammunition for their rifles was always in scarce and short supply for the Indians. This was characteristically true throughout the four hundred years between 1492 and the arrival of Columbus, to 1890 and the final massacre at Wounded Knee which is regarded as the official end of the plains wars between whites and Indians--firearms were ALWAYS very difficult and costly to obtain for Indians and once obtained, ammunition, shot, powder and later cartridges, always scarce.

But major Reno and captain Benteen and all the soldiers they still commanded as well as the supplies and extra ammunition they carried were all in short supply as far as Custer would be concerned. None and nothing came to his rescue that day ...his last day... an ending he well deserved, but had not yet arrived as he and his 200 to 300 men struggled to make "a fighting retreat" up that ridge after being repulsed in their first encounter with Tatonka Yotanka/Sitting Bull's huge village.

If lieutenant colonel Custer and his portion of the Seventh cavalry could only reach the top of the ridge overlooking the village-- the ridge that when they charged down to attack, was behind them-- they had a chance at survival.

They could kill some of the remaining horses, use the carcasses as protection to crouch behind, dig rifle pits into the ground from behind the shield of the dead horses, to form a rapid and makeshift fortress from which to hide in while avoiding bullets and arrows and safely shoot back to pick off the hostiles and perhaps hold out until Benteen and Reno arrived, or perhaps even General Crook himself arrived with his 1000 cavalry and mounted infantry...But Yellow Hair , on the last day of his 36 year old life, had no way of knowing that general Crook had been defeated by Crazy Horse, the Lakota and Northern Cheyenne only a week earlier...In fact, had it not been for the bravery and battle skills of General Crook's Shoshoni and Crow Indian scouts, it is commonly believed today that Crook would have suffered a crushing defeat by Crazy Horse at the Battle of the Rosebud. 
                            Crazy Horse and his warriors circled behind Custer, cut him off from the ridge top and sealed his fate.

The Crow and Shoshoni allies prevented General Crook from being surprised by Crazy Horse and possibly suffering a catastrophic defeat at the Battle of the Rosebud a week before Custer's catastrophic defeat at the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

But first Yellow Hair and what remained of his command, had to finish their fighting retreat and successfully battle their way to reach the ridge top...With the advantage of the high ground, shooting down at an enemy from behind dead horse carcasses while concealed in rifle pits-- there was a chance for survival of his command until Reno, or Benteen, or Maybe even General Crook could save them... Yellow Hair must have thought this with the desperation of a drowning man eyeing a floating straw in hopes of deliverance...And then suddenly, as if it were possible in battle to read an opponent's mind... there he was ...Tashunka Witko the mystic Oglala warrior who as a young boy nicknamed "Curly", had in a vision ... seen his own horse behave in battle as if it were "crazy" during this vision...this lifelong quest for power... this mission in life he accepted as a young boy to save his people and their way of them all from certain destruction at the hands of the whites...There he was... Crazy Horse...suddenly  at the top of the ridge with his warriors ...Custer must have turned around ...turned from fighting the Indians in front of him, just in time to see the "hostiles" were not only in front of him, but had also circled around behind him... reached the hill top before him AND CUT OFF HIS RETREAT.

Surrounded. Custer was doomed. There was no way of denying it now hope left. His two soon-to-die brothers and nephew in his command there with him that day must have seen it on his face ...observed it unmistakably in his eyes...surrounded and no way out ...No hope of rescue ...The moment every warrior-- no matter how great--no matter how successful -- knows must some day come. Will you throw down your weapons and disgracefully run, crying like children --like the Indians say some with Custer did that day? Or will you be Hector charging Achilles... sword drawn... vowing to give your best despite knowing you surely will die? Vowing to go out in a way so noble that it will cause generations after you to share your story around their camp fires at night.

no confirmed photos of Tashunka Witko aka 'Crazy Horse' exist...

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6-21-16 response to a white redneck aka "brian" trying to convince black people to vote republican this election...

at will f hunter's group... where black women and especially black single mothers are bashed on a daily basis as "the enemy of black men" and "the cause of all the troubles facing the black family and black community"... at this simple-looking  "Manchurian Candidate" igga's own internet house...which is a troll group named "relationship talk 2.0"on "fakebook"... the redneck boy posted a video of a black person in whiteface holding up signs with messages criticizing blacks who vote democratic as coons...I am not a fan of the democratic party but most folks in the Us fail to understand the republican party and what it actually is and I responded:

 "Will, come get your white folks ... and not to mince words, the democrats are a bunch of spineless idiots BUT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS STRAIGHT UP FASCIST.

the republican party must be destroyed as a viable political entity by exposing its treasonous sellout past to the American people. once the republican fascist party is destroyed, the feckless sold out democratic party can then be abandoned by African americans as either party AIN'T SHIT.

since these boys in this group receive their marching orders almost directly from Us republican party, fascist right wing propaganda headquarters --complete with an endless supply of "the big lie" stupid memes BASHING BLACK WOMEN ...note that one of the things going on in Germany today in its atmosphere of anti-immigrant , anti-muslim far right ,Christian-identity, revivalist fascist parties of the things being intensified in Germany by the revival of neo-Nazi parties is A PROPAGANDA ATTACK ON GERMAN SINGLE MOTHERS ...sound familiar boys?

See where your marching orders are coming from?

but you boys don't read and if you don't read, certainly you boys don't study history ...and if you boys don't study history, YOU ARE PROBABLY IGNORANT OF THE FACT that the Us republican party integrated itself with scores of former European Nazis, fascists and war criminals after the second world war.

they called it "ethnic outreach". they even changed laws forbidding former Nazi SS members from becoming Us citizens...called them "anti-communist freedom fighters" and not only allowed them into the Us but made a place for them in the far right wing of the republican party...called it "the crusade for freedom" and its spokesmen were Prescott Bush , his son future president ghw Bush , future president, actor Ronald Reagan , future Cia chief Alan Dulles, future Cia chief under Reagan Bill Casey, and future vice president and president Richard Nixon... they sold the Us down the river in the name of the cold war and in 1980 they assumed the white house AGAIN with the election of Reagan and used the opportunity to push the Us to the far right both in terms of foreign and domestic policy...
and they are far from finished in their work...they are behind this war in the black community waged by misguided illiterate dupes calling themselves men, against black women and black single mothers WHILE THEIR REPUBLICAN FASCIST MASTERS are ACTIVELY DOING EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO ECONOMICALLY UNDERMINE THE BLACK COMMUNITY , undermine THE BLACK FAMILY , undermine BLACK VOTING POTENTIAL as well as undermine the tradition political coalition and voting blocs that have put democrats in office...labor , latinos, immigrants , progressives, women, anti-war advocates etc...

Diallo Sekou's photo.

The mistake we made with Obama is not turning out for the congressional elections to give him a congress that was not OPENLY HOSTILE to him being president, not openly hostile to a jobs bill and rebuilding crumbling Us infrastructure...instead he had nothing to work with but so-called "fiscal conservatives" who love to cut the social safety net including social security in order to throw the same money hand over fist at the pentagon for its multi-trillion dollar foreign mis-adventures and petro-wars to line the pockets of Exxon-mobile and Halliburton...

btw...the same exon-mobile that used to be called the Rockefeller family's Standard Oil which committed treason by selling oil to Nazi Germany ---right up until Berlin fell in 1945 in violation of the "trading with the enemy act" of 1941 ...think about it?

blitzkrieg or lightning war is MECHANIZED WAR--tanks, planes, trucks, armored personnel carriers, jeeps leapfrogging at breakneck speed across the invaded is war by mechanized vehicles and mechanized vehicles run on oil... no blitzkrieg .... no Second World War fifty million fifty subsequent years of Cold War costing Us taxpayers ten TRILLION dollars in a big defense contractors corporate feeding frenzy of profits--a Cold War that on more than one occasion almost erupted into full out nuclear war between the Us and Ussr that would have left the entire northern hemisphere a people-dead, radioactive WASTELAND and destroyed life on planet earth as we know it...think about it...before running off to vote for the republican--fascist party...i also wonder if you boys knew that the Cold war was almost singlehandedly begun by the right wing republican crew around Alan Dulles and a former Nazi general named Rinehart Gehlen --Hitler's chief of military intelligence on the eastern front. during the war , Gehlen  had amassed a ton of intelligence on the Ussr which he buried in order to preserve it as the Red army closed in on Hitler in Berlin --Gehlen went to work for Cia after ww-2...he dug up his files he had buried and reactivated his spy networks and reactivated the "werewolf" terror networks he left behind in eastern Europe as the Third Reich had been nearing collapse and they all were at the service of the Us and western powers from then on. ...the soviets wanted to hang Gehlen for war crimes --but Dulles brought him into the Us and put him in front of a closed session of congress and he convinced the gullible Americans that the Ussr which had lost 30 million people and suffered much of the fighting on its territory in World War Two---was somehow ready and able to march to the Atlantic ocean and place all of Europe under an "iron curtain".

it was total bullshit, but the Us fell for it and the surviving Nazis in exile breathed a sigh of relief and laughed up their sleeves at the gullible Americans. ..running off to fight a new enemy instead of hanging the surviving Nazis for war crimes and crimes against humanity..

..the Nazis not only came up with the scary catch phrase" iron curtain" THE surviving NAZIS ALSO CAME UP WITH THE IDEA FOR A CHRISTIAN WESTERN MILITARY ALLIANCE--that would  INCLUDE A HITLER-LESS GERMANY-- DESIGNED TO ATTACK THE SOVIET UNION-- the west adopted the idea and called it...NATO.

look at what Nato is doing today and it is clear that the Us right wing fascists still intend to fight a war with Russia..."

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so they tried to further assassinate the character of michael jackson-- whom they already helped destroy-- with a FAKE story about "child porn" supposedly found by police at "neverland" ...damn LIARS...

Michael Jackson's family, sheriff respond to child-porn allegations

The Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office and Michael Jackson's family have responded to a report that the late singer kept a collection of child pornography at his Neverland Ranch, citing documents from a 2003 raid.
In a statement, police spokesperson Kelly Hoover told the Los Angeles Times and Billboard  that some of the documents featured in the gossip site's story "appear to be copies of reports that were authored by the Sheriff's Office." But she warned the media that their numbered reports are "interspersed with content that appears to be obtained off the Internet or through unknown sources."

Hoover added that her office had not released any of the documents featured in the Radar story to the media, implying Radar had obtained them through less-than-proper channels. Rather,  she explained, "The Sheriff's Office released all of its reports and the photographs as part of the required discovery process to the prosecution and the defense" in Jackson's 2005 sex-abuse trial.

Meanwhile, Jackson's estate accused Radar of trying to exploit the seventh anniversary of the singer's death on Saturday. Jackson died in 2009 from an overdose of the sedative Propofol, which is commonly used by anesthesiologists to put and keep patients under for surgery.

“Everything in these reports, including what the County of Santa Barbara calls ‘content that appears to be obtained off the Internet or through unknown sources’ is false, no doubt timed to the anniversary of Michael's passing,” their statement read. “Those who continue to shamelessly exploit Michael via sleazy internet ‘click bait’ ignore that he was acquitted by a jury in 2005 on every one of the 14 salacious charges brought against him in a failed witch hunt.”

The singer's nephew Taj, the son of his brother Tito, registered his disgust with the media via Twitter on Tuesday. "Fake news travels fast," he wrote. "The world picked up this trashy story. There's such a race to be first, only a few checked to see if it's even true."