Sunday, December 12, 2004

no respect ...even from our 'allies'

i was watching this news show on tv hosted by this brother --derrick mc ginty -- i think his name was , and his guests were news writers from various papers .

the white woman from usa today , with a wink-like grin to the others , immediately turned the tables on the brother , starting the old unspoken game of "it" .

her comments about the bush new cabinet replacements all contained subtle double meanings , confirmed by her body language (the meaning of her subtle message also confirmed by the brother's reactions , and the noticible waver in his voice) , that mc ginty should not have the position he had .

the right wingnut oriented white male commentator chimed right in , followed immediately by the hispanic female newswoman and the jewish news guy.

they kept mc ginty on the defensive and on the ropes almost the entire program and you could tell that the white woman thought it all very humorous...towards the end of the show they all like a broken record spit that "america must support the troops" spiel but the unspoken message was clear that blacks and especially black males have no authority that whites can't take away...

the point being that these people had no problem in uniting in a not so hidden agenda in which mc ginty was being undermined by the guests on his own show .

he was at a visible disadvantage , not because he lacked skill , ability or information , but simply because his position as host was dependent upon the continuing patronage of the groups that his attackers belonged to ...groups that mc ginty will always be seen as an outsider to .

that the woman , the hispanic and the jew may have gotten the doors open for them to their own positions in part , due to affirmative action and equal opportunity reforms did not at the time seem to matter in the least...

the automatic speed with which they all recognized what was up , and smoothly jumped right in to the process of undercutting the brother was an indication that it was automatic s.o.p. for these various groups when dealing with blacks.

in his old book "black lies white lies" tony brown reminds us that group cohesion and overachievement effectively counteract racial discrimination ...i wholeheartedly agree ,but to that axiom i'd include , and build your own institutions so that you meet other groups from a position of strength instead of weakness .

i don't know much about derrick mc ginty but he was clearly articulate ,well informed , polished ,could easily handle being news program host , but his guests combined to undermine him in the eyes of the viewers and deny him respect...

on tv , that john mc laughlin guy often gets harassed and ridiculed over his positions on that "mc laughlin group" tv news show of his but i've never seen any of his guests indicate that he shouldn't be in his position as host...

unless we are singing , shaking our butts , telling jokes , or have a musical instrument, a ball ,or a gun in our hands ,blacks don't seem to "get no respect"


Blogger sondjata said...

We the ones that make the tools
they the ones that use the tools
we the ones ta look a fool

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