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Two gunshot wounds to the head...Suicide or "Arkancide" ?

Only In Arkansas: Webb 'Double Gunshot Wounds' Explanation Defies Belief

alex Jones : Prison Planet | December 18 2004

We will simply not let the issue drop. How on earth can somebody have two different gunshot wounds and their cause of death still be passed off as suicide?

Do the coroner and the police who made this assertion for the death of Gary Webb think we were born yesterday?

Even if you are using blanks, the sheer pressure of the explosion is enough to kill you at close range if not completely knock you out. posted a graphic video showing the public suicide of a man who had been convicted on corruption charges. Take a look at the video. Did that guy look like he was in any fit state to pick up the gun again and give himself another blast?

We have uncovered an article from a case in Grand Rapids in 2001 where a woman was found dead in her bedroom. Her husband told the police he had discovered her dead body and that she had committed suicide.

"David Duyst called 911 and later told detectives he was in another room when his wife shot herself, sheriff’s officials said. He also told them he removed the gun from her hand. Deputies found it lying on the bed."

For five months the suicide explanation was largely accepted until the coroner came across an overlooked fact. The woman, Sandra Anne Duyst, had two gunshot wounds in her head.

Kent County Detective Sgt. Chet Bush made the following comment,

“I had a lot of problems with someone shooting themselves in the head twice. “We were suspicious at that point. We wanted more evidence, and it takes time to do that.”

After blood splash and DNA tests the verdict was changed to homicide. Her husband had taken out a $50,000 life insurance policy out on her and was having an affair. He had killed her.

Here we have detectives and coroners stating the obvious. Someone with TWO gunshot wounds to the head could not have committed suicide.

The sheer brazen gall of the Sacramento County Coroner's Office to state, "It's unusual in a suicide case to have two shots, but it has been done in the past, and it is in fact a distinct possibility," is disgusting.

Yes it's been done in the past on many occasions, all of which happen to have taken place in Arkansas!

The many deaths of prominent political figures linked to Bill Clinton's scandals in the 90's and how their obvious murders were always ruled as 'accident' or 'suicide' became known as 'Arkancide' because Clinton's favourite corner, Fahmy Malak, helped him cover up every case.

Malak once ruled that a decapitated man had died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

We refuse to let this travesty lie and will continue to push for a full autopsy, blood splash analysis and whatever else it takes to uncover what Gary Webb devoted his life to - uncovering the truth.


Blogger r1xlx said...

but as a matter of interest could a modern semiauto pistol actually fire again in the split second between first press and bullet/gas blast entering skull and brain?
Could a genuine suicide be so controlled that he/she would take a deep breath, compose themselves, place the gun in position, and by reflex action have their finger press the trigger twice before the brain circuits failed from catastrophic damage?

I do think it unlikely and perhaps impossible to test out but then lots of strange and 'impossible' things happen.

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